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Browsing endlessly, scrolling mindlessly—driven by habit, need, or just curiosity?

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"Pause to consider, interact with purpose, engage meaningfully."

Reflect, Tap,  Connect.

Embark on a journey with us from
'Pause for Presence' to 'Mind Over Media'.
Discover balance with ERA. Band
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Designed with psychology in mind.
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What is ERA.Band

'Pause for Presence'

ERA.Band is a batteryless, NFC-enabled bracelet designed to promote mindful social media use. By requiring users to tap their bracelet and select a reason for accessing an app—Boredom, Need, or Curiosity—it introduces a deliberate pause in digital habits, encouraging intentional and reflective engagement with technology.

Hate this...
We solved it one tap at a time

Discover balance with ERA.Band